Our Lamb 

We pasture raise 100% grass fed Katahdin Lamb. It's a cut above premium, not what you find in most restaurants & stores. We observe the time-honored tradition of free-range grazing. Our animals grow slowly and naturally. Pasture-feeding reduces the 'gamey' taste you find in grain-fed lamb.  We are working towards sustainability, breeding all of our animals on the farm and growing as much hay and forage on our own farm as possible.  Katahdin Lamb has a mild, sweet flavor.  Most people who say they "hate" lamb find that they "love" our lamb.  Its quite simply a different animal!

Green Akeys Whole Lamb after butchered, aged and packaged - ready for your regular sized freezer!

We Sell Whole Lamb

Yes, it fits in half of a regular sized freezer top. When you order we will contact you to review the butchering and aging process. Please remember: Time is needed for preparation & aging. Availability is based on mother nature and traditional lambing season. 

Processing takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on which butcher shop has availability. We are happy to review the butchering process with you: We sell by hanging weight which differs from final packaged weight.  Our whole lamb is sold by the pound: Average hanging weight is 50 lbs. so, at $9 lb. that is $450.  The final yield after butchering is closer to 38-39 pounds (approx $11.50 per pound).  

The reason for pricing by hanging weight is that every lamb is slightly different, and after aging and cutting the yields can vary.  This makes it easier to price out for every lamb.  For example, some customers prefer bone-in roasts, which adds weight to the final product.   Boneless cuts are more expensive at the butcher which adds to the processing cost, etc.   

The picture here shows a typical order of a whole lamb packaged, which includes: Leg 2packs, Rack 2pk, Shank 2pk, Shoulder 2pk, Sausage 1pk, Ground 6pk, Chops 2pk.  (Chops can be cut thick or thin, and as many per vacuum pack as you like).

We can accommodate some special preparation needs, but we do not butcher on the farm.

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